Doug Bruce - Owner & Head of Analysis Services


Doug Bruce is a professional and highly qualified Performance and Video Analyst who has worked at the highest levels of sport. Doug's background is in soccer, where he has worked in the English Premier League and Championship for over 6 years, as the Head of Performance Analysis for Middlesbrough FC and Cardiff City FC, and since moving to the US 5 years ago, set up Optical Sports Analysis LLC to provide these services to youth and professional sports both locally and nationally. Doug started the company providing video analysis services to the University of Louisville Men's Soccer Program, producing live, Real-Time Analysis during games, post match Team Tactical Clips, Individual Player Game Clips for the players, and detailed Scouting Analysis of their upcoming opponents. Over the past 5 years the company has branched out to collaborate with many other sports within the University of Louisville Athletic Department, as well as many other soccer teams and programs, including USL Pro team Louisville City FC, who made it to the Conference Final in their inaugural season in 2015, and again in 2016, and Saint Mary's College Men's Soccer in California.

Doug also possesses a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Coaching and Development, and a Master's Degree in Performance Analysis of Sport.

Recently Doug has pushed the company to provide more services to the youth of the Midwest, at High School, Club and Academy level. It is our passion to make a difference to the local community and beyond, providing tools to help young aspiring athletes to maximize their potential and achieve their goals. We believe the introduction of video-based feedback from their performances, and the optimal exposure in the highly competitive college and professional recruitment process, can make a massive difference to the growth of young players and their future aspirations.


Doug has developed a team of driven, talented individuals to help in the expansion of the company, but he personally oversees all of the products and services provided by Optical Sports Analysis, and ensures that they are held to the same high standards that have been expected of him in his work from the English Premier League to NCAA Division 1 Athletics.


Feel free to contact us to discuss any video-based sports projects you are interested in, for further information on the benefits of performance analysis or the services we provide, or to discuss the finer details of any product or service you wish to purchase.